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Updated: Jun 1, 2023


The premise of this event is to test the viability of the Diminishing Pool tournament format (outlined below) and have some fun along the way. It is open to all players who wish to participate, and will be run via weekly TTS games beginning June 4, 2023.



  • Each round, opponent pairings and the scenario for the week will be posted by the TO. Pairings will be generated via the Longshanks Swiss pairs system, and the scenario will be randomly drawn. Scenarios will not repeat, except in the unlikely event that the tournament lasts longer than 7 weeks.

  • At the beginning of each game, players roll 5 dice each. The higher roller is Player 1 and will draft first.

  • After determining P1 and P2, players will draft champions to their warbands in the following order:

  1. P2 drafts 1 champion

  2. P1 drafts 2 champions

  3. P2 drafts 2 champions

  4. P1 drafts 1 champion

  • There are no bans in this tournament. Mirror matches (matches between two copies of the same champion) are allowed.

  • The game then proceeds as normal, with P1 forced to deploy first and to activate first during the first turn.

The Pool

  • In Diminishing Pool format, each player has their own unique drafting pool that is not affected by the selections of other players. However, once a player has fielded a given champion, that champion is removed from their own pool and may not be played again for the rest of the tournament. In other words, each player may use each champion only once.

  • This means that in the first round of the tournament, all players will draft from the full list of 26 available champions. In the second round players will each draft from their own “diminished” pool of 23 remaining unused champions, then 20 in round 3, then 17, etc.

  • Player draft pools will be posted publicly so that players may strategize their draft picks each round according to what remains in their opponent’s pool as well as their own.

Event Details


  • The event will be organized via Longshanks, as will registration. Here is the AAO event page. Registration closes June 4, 2023 at 18:00pm CST.

  • The event begins on June 4, 2023 and each round will last one week, Sunday to Sunday.

  • Players may self-report their results on Longshanks or message the tournament organizer on Discord @Diced_Ham#2942

  • If a player drops from the tournament after they have been paired for a round, their current opponent will receive the option of taking either a draw (0-0) or win (6-0). If the opponent makes no choice we will default to a win.

  • If a player is unavailable to play for a single round, their current opponent will receive the option of taking either a draw (0-0) or win (6-0). If the opponent makes no choice we will default to a win.


  • Games may be played either via Tabletop Simulator or in person where possible. Here is a link to the recommended TTS mod.

  • Games will be held without a time limit. However, players must make every effort to be punctual and to play their games in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Unless otherwise noted we'll follow the relevant parts of the Godtear Tournament Rules from SFG. The “Player Rerolls” section of the Tournament Rules will not be followed or used for this event.

  • All official champions and scenarios available on the recommended TTS mod prior to the end of registration are legal for this event. This means all champions released up through and including Fenra, as well as the Construction Beta scenario.


  • Communications and announcements will be handled via the #online-godtear-league channel of the Godtear Discord. Here is the link to join the Godtear Discord

  • Players are free to communicate with each other via whichever method they prefer, but all players must be available via Discord.

  • If you have registered, please contact the organizer and share your Discord handle so that other players can easily contact you during the event.

  • You may contact the organizer, Diced_Ham#2942, on Discord with any questions.


  • Is this event suitable for beginners? Yes. Everyone is welcome!

  • Is this event only for Americans? No. US/UK/AUS, etc matchups can be cumbersome, but many games have been scheduled on weekend mornings (US time) or UK mornings (for some US night owls, including myself). We've also had players from other parts of Europe who would welcome players from anywhere. Time differences and language barriers may exist, but all are welcome.

  • How long will this event last? It depends on the number of registrants. Most tournaments last 3-5 weeks.

  • Is there a prize? No, this is a casual event. Just sweet, sweet bragging rights.

  • Is the organizer of this event playing in the tournament? If there are an odd number of registrants, the TO will participate to avoid byes. Regardless, the organizer will attempt to make any decisions with impartiality. In the event of a dispute, the organizer will ask for a vote from all participants.

  • I'm having trouble organizing my game, what do I do? Please contact the organizer via Discord @Diced_Ham#2942

  • How can I find my opponent? On Discord. The organizer will post weekly pairings along with Discord names in the #online-godtear-league channel of the Discord server.

  • What if a new champion/scenario/rule is announced or added to TTS during the tournament? New materials released or added to TTS after the registration deadline will not be legal for this event.

  • I want to drop out, what do I do? Contact the organizer and let them know before the next round is posted. If you do not alert the TO, you may receive a round loss on BattleLadder.

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