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Objective Hex IV Round 1 In the Books

Hello! I've decided to post weekly updates on the tournament while we wait for Styx's full cards to drop!

The scenario for Round 1 was Life. Life is a strange scenario. Here is my breakdown of the scenario overall. It's a scenario which forgives the slow and rewards the hearty.

Our draft format is that each player alternately drafts four champions before each player simultaneously reveals the three they will use. The player who has the advantage of drafting first has the disadvantage of being player 1 on turn 1.

We've got nine players, so four matchups each round and a bye. Green means the champion was selected and played, gray means the champion was selected but not played. The draft picks are ordered left to right, top to bottom. Here are the draft results:

There's a lot of variation here! Raith and Shayle went in 3 of the 4 drafts, sure, but overall 16 different champions saw play. Not bad out of 24 total hitting the table. Good overall class balance, too as there were 7 Shapers, 5 Slayers, 7 Guardians, and 5 Maelstroms played.

Quick observation: Shayle players were 0-2 while Raith players were 3-0.

The scoring results are on BattleLadder.

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