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7 Godtear Wombo Combos


Let me start by saying that I think Godtear is not really about wombo combos. Godtear is more about the interactions between your models and the opponent's models than it is about interactions among your own models. In other words, it's about matchups and counters, not list-building and combos.

That said, there are some nice combos. You may have thought of them before. Here are my rules for a wombo combo:

  1. If it's for the clash phase, it can be a maximum of two activations to do. Any longer, and the potential for counterplay is too big to make the combo viable.

  2. It has to accomplish something that neither model could do alone.

  3. It has to help you win.

Some Combos!

1. Gearhawks and Rangosh/Keera

Rangosh and Keera each have an armor penetrating attack and an accurate attack. But what if the armor penetrating attack were accurate also. The Gearhawks' Eagle Eye trait can hand out two free accuracy boons a turn from all over the board. If Rangosh also eats his bandits and channels rage, he can make Jawbreaker a 5/9 attack. Just nasty. That'll one-shot Titus 42% of the time.

2. Golden Shrikes and Helena

Helena's life is often about getting back onto a blocked-off objective hex late in the clash phase. Fortunately, Jeen and the Golden Shrikes can hand out speed boons in this phase. Even better, the Shrikes can move an entire hex of followers out of Helena's way for free at the end of their activation with Drive Back. Helena can Shield Push, of course, but she can only move one model at a time that way. Drive Back can clear out those extra-clogged spaces while Push Forward can help Helena recover from being unfavorably repositioned. Helena having just a little support makes it easier to bide your time with her.

3. Hexlings and Morrigan

This one is a bit obvious, but it has to be mentioned. The Hexlings can give out any boon, and Morrigan really needs some of the boons her own followers can't give her. Most especially, Morrigan needs a damage boon. Armor is nice, too. Of course, Morrigan's Frost Forged trait makes her the best at using what Rattlebone has to offer. Other champions can also give Morrigan a damage boon, but generally not through their followers. The fat that the Hexlings and not Rattlebone transmit the boon is enormously freeing for Rattlebusiness.

4. Retchlings and Rodhri

Rodhri and his followers are slow in the plot phase. Speeding up Rodhri is nice, but it tends to put space between him and his followers. The optimal usage of Rodhri is to form a defensive structure which makes him immovable because he is next to a banner and his followers immovable because they are next to Rodhri. The key to the whole thing is the banner, and the key to protecting the banner is having the Household Guard in front of it. This means that while one speed boon in the plot phase is nice, two speed boons are what this crew of dwarves really needs early on. Fortunately, Grimgut's Retchlings can oblige because of their ability to use Slip n' Slide twice.

5. Red Bandits and any Goblin

Any goblin will do. They all have plot phase attacks, just like the Red Bandits do. The ability to remove multiple models in multiple places during the plot phase is not to be sneezed at. This is great because it denies clash phase efficiency, opens up access to objective hexes, and disposes of Knightshades. Plot phase damage can easily be layered because there are not opportunities for counter play during your phase, which allows the Bandits to help your Goblin finish off tougher targets.

6. Halftusk and Sneaky Peet

Footwork allows Halftusk to hand out a dodge boon to any friendly model. If your opponents liked trying to hit Peet's dodge 5, they'll love trying to hit dodge 6. Against Shayle, for instance, Boulder Bash is on 38% odds to land. Earthquake is only 6%. Peet can walk between the raindrops. As a side bonus, Peet works really well with the Froglodytes because Peet loves to go second, and the Frog Delights can prevent the first player from claiming.

7. Shayle and Nia

Landslide really needs to hit with Earthquake, and Nia can use Meditate and Crystal Mirror to hand out accuracy boons. Shayle really likes it when there are lots of objective hexes for him to move around with Avalanche, and Nia can grow objective hexes. Nia struggles a bit with banner protection, but Shayle excels at it. Shayle hands out good boons and blights for Nia to copy. These two just go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

Final Thoughts

Many of these revolve around finding a follower unit which gives out boons that a champion needs. Followers are a much better way to distribute boons than champions are because a follower unit can be spread all over the board whilst champions tend to need to show up in specific places (objective hexes). I hope you get a chance to try some of these combos out. Sorry if not all of them are super wombo.

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