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Grumpy's Guide to Sneaky Peet

Updated: Mar 28, 2023


In this series, we will give you a quick breakdown of each champion. This is geared mostly towards people who have not played with this champion much, so it’s not an in-depth tactical treatise. This is more of a quick breakdown and assessment of the champion.

We will grade each champion’s offense, defense, support, mobility, and control. We’ll explain each grade and then give you a quick vision of a dream activation for that champion.

In a separate series, Grumpy has written about how champions match up with each other. Here are the matchup evaluations for Guardians, Maelstroms, Slayers, and Shapers.

Here is the grading scale for each category:







Peet brings an unparalleled combination of high dodge, mobility, and aggression. In thematic goblin style, Peet is very annoying. He's extremely difficult to control or contain and has a lot of tools to disrupt his opponent's plans. Although he is certainly a slayer, Peet is not a big hitter in the way that Rangosh, Skullbreaker, and Keera are. Instead, Peet is more subtle and methodical in his approach. He's still very deadly, but don't expect big bursts of damage. Instead, Peet tends to chip away with very reliable attacks. His game, surprisingly, is somewhat guardian-esque. Although Peet can really change lanes and hunt banners in the Plot Phase, he often prefers to simply lock down an objective, dare opponents to try to hit his high dodge stat, and punish them for coming into his area.

Peet is a goblin, and so his clash phase is going to be a bit disappointing, but less so than other goblins. He and his stabbers still have useful skills in both phases, so the main drawback you'll notice from them in the clash phase is reduced mobility. Still, this is a real issue for Peet. It's a much bigger problem when Peet is going first in the turn because he is a real threat to banners in the plot phase, but not so much in the clash phase. For this reason, Peet really likes to activate in the plot phase after enemy banners have been placed. He will still run into the goblin problem of having to choose between claiming and using his explosive plot phase skills, but Peet still has a lot going for him. On the grading system for this series, he's probably going to look a bit stronger than he really is. Remember, he only has two clash phase actions, so if you're claiming with Peet, you aren't using either his blazing speed or his Backstab attack.

Peet is in a pretty good place overall right now. There are lots of new releases with high dodge, and Peet is very accurate. Really dangerous champions like Rangosh, Kailinn, and Jaak will struggle to handle Peet's high dodge values. He and his pesky little buddies reliably do a good job.

Here are Sneaky Peet's Cards:

Offense - Good

Peet and his crew hit pretty hard. The crew has three non-ultimate attacks, which is middle of the road for a slayer crew. Peet's Backstab appears in both phases. At first glance, it's an underwhelming 5/5. Two things make it a bit more spicy. The first is the auto-wound which makes this at the very least a reliable form of chip damage. This makes Peet more threatening to champions like Titus and Helena who have good defensive stats but low health pools. The second thing that makes this attack better than a standard 5/5 is Peet's trait, Gang Boss, which lets him add an accuracy die for each Sneaky Stabber adjacent to the target. Since the Stabbers are extremely mobile, it's not very hard for Peet to throw 7-9 accuracy dice on all of his attacks. Unfortunately, the crew has no way to add damage dice to Backstab, so this attack has a high floor and a low ceiling. Pounce is a 6/6 with no autowound, but it does benefit from Gang Boss. This attack is actually not much better than Backstab in terms of offense. The real advantage to Pounce is its placement effect and the option to use it in the Clash Phase.

The Sneaky Stabbers "Let Me Do It!" skill is one of my favorites in the game. It is not only hilarious and flavorful, it's also very useful. Essentially, the Stabbers get less accurate, but more damaging the more of them there are. I love imagining them fighting over who gets to actually drive the knife into the target. Since the Stabbers are so mobile, you can usually have the number of them in a given hex that you want, so this attack is very customizable to the target you have in mind.

Defense - Good

At the time of this writing, dodge 5 is unique to this crew. Even though they all have armor 1, and even though Peet has a small health pool, dodge 5 is such an extreme stat that this crew's defense has to be considered outstanding. This stat makes the whole crew very hard to target with control effects that require a dice roll, so it protects their positioning as well as their health. Peet is a terrifying matchup for many opponents simply because his dodge makes any skill of accuracy 5 or less more likely to miss than to hit. Even accuracy 6, normally plenty for any target, is only on 61% odds to hit Peet. You can't really feel good about targeting Peet with anything less than accuracy 7, which is rare in the game. The stabbers have dodge 5 along with their boss, so they are very resistant to Maelstroms who can't bring especially accurate attacks. To make matters worse for opponents, the Stabbers have the ability to debuff enemy accuracy, so this bunch of Sneaky gobbos is actually so good at holding points that they rival some guardians in that department. Still, this defensive profile cannot be considered outstanding because of how lopsided it is. Accurate attackers will tear through these little guys, so you do have to give consideration to the matchups in order to keep Peet and company safe.

Support - Awful

Like most (but not all) Slayers, Peet is bad at supporting others. Some of the crew's repositioning effects could help others, I guess? Peet's Plot Revenge ability can hand out accuracy to any model, but this is a somewhat weak and short-ranged effect. The Stabbers' accuracy blight could help other crews, conceivably, but it's really best at protecting Peet's crew by making dodge 5 even more ridiculous than it already is.

Mobility - Good

The only reason it's not rated "outstanding" is speed 1 in the clash phase. Otherwise, this crew is extremely mobile. That clash phase speed limitation is important, though, because if Peet is going first in the turn, the clash phase will be his only chance to crush banners. Clash phase speed is generally a bit more useful than plot phase speed. That said, Peet's crew has plot phase speed to burn. Peet has a natural advance of 3 in this phase, along with a splendid Leap ability. Leap gives Peet a 5-hex banner crushing range with the very powerful place mechanic. The ability to jump over enemy models really makes Peet an elite banner crusher (when he's going second). Pounce adds even more flexible mobility to Peet's kit in the form of an efficient damage/place effect combination. The Sneaky Stabbers are even more mobile than their boss. Their Small and Sneaky trait essentially lets them move the way Keera's dragons do - through enemy models but not objective hexes. Their Sneak skill is also very useful. Essentially, a stabber can teleport from anywhere on the board to a hex adjacent to Peet. This is really handy for setting up Gang Boss.

Control - Average

This essentially boils down to Peet's threat and his Annoy skill. Annoy is very nice. It's only accuracy 5, but it benefits from Gang Boss, so with a little forethought, it's not hard to boost. Annoy moves a target two hexes towards Peet, which is pretty far. This lets Peet get off more Backstabs in the Plot Phase, but it also has a lot of utility for dragging enemies away from friendly banners or other places they would prefer to be. There are only three stabbers, but they make up for this lack of board presence by being extremely mobile and hard to take out. Slaying is also a form of control because it denies enemy actions and repositions them. Peet and his crew can definitely slay.

Dream Activation

Here we see Peet using his incredible mobility and hitting power. First, Peet uses a sneaky accuracy 9 Pounce to give himself an 80% chance of KOing Nia. This also allows him to place 3 hexes away from his starting location and onto Nia's banner. For his second action, Peet uses his speed 3 advance to cruise over and crush Kailinn's banner as well. He doesn't have much fear of retribution from her relatively low-accuracy attacks. If Peet gets the KO, this activation alone swings 13 battle Ladder steps.

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