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Grumpysarn's Brain Teasers: Volume II

Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I last posted. Apologies there. Work and life and stuff sometimes interfere with my gaming and blogging. If you need my content every day, let's talk sponsorship (lolz).

Anyhow, here is another Godtear brain puzzle for you. I admit it's not the hardest one, but I hope you enjoy it anyhow.

It's the plot phase and you're going second. You have Finvarr, Rangosh, and Titus. Your opponent has Mourneblade and two other champions who are not relevant. All ultimates have been used. No blights or boons are in play. Here is a part of the board state before you have activated any of the models pictured.

What's your ideal move here? There is, I assure you, a way to stomp that banner and plant a banner of Finvarr's which will be quite safe.

When you're ready, scroll down and I'll share my solution. I THINK it's optimal, but if you disagree, sound off in the discord channel - #gameplay.

Ready to see my solution? Keep scrolling.

Sure you've tried solving it yourself?

OK, no backsies.

Step 1: Red Bandits induct and ambush Mourneblade.

By inducting first, you make this a 96.5% shot. Here's where you put the flamey skellington:

Step 2:

The Glory Seekers move Finvarr with Roar of Battle before Outflanking the Knightshade. This blocks off Mourneblade. That last bit may be unnecessary since he only has speed 2 anyway, but meh, whatever. Maybe someone could give him a speed boon in the clash phase or something.

Step 3 - Stomp the banner and plant your own.

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