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Homebrew Scenario: Wrath

There is a very cool effort by the community to build new scenarios. The Banner Bearers Podcast even has a contest going to vote for your favorite fan-created one. My own submission is Innocence. With these scenarios, I am trying to make something fun and different that still feels like Godtear. My favorite fan-made scenarios add a twist, but still let the models be the stars of the show. Maybe that makes my offerings a bit tame, but I personally think that the scenario should affect the game without overpowering it. It turns out there are a lot of little levers you can pull without upending the whole apple cart. Here's another example.

The Scenario:


Tears of Scyrix the Terrible, God of Wrath

The Godtears of Scyrix seethe and burn like the fiercest of tempers. As champions claim the tears of Wrath, the Godtears release unstable and dangerous energies which threaten to scorch anyone nearby, no matter their allegiance. The more Godtears are claimed, the more dangerous this effect becomes.

In the end phase of each turn, the player who lost the turn rolls one die and adds the number of victory points awarded in the turn they just lost to the result. The losing player then allocates that many total wounds to non-knocked out models in play. Models knocked out in this way do not award any steps on the battle ladder.


This end-phase mechanic is very versatile and, in the hands of a clever player, very powerful. the most obvious way to use this effect is to damage enemy champions in order to set them up for a KO. That definitely works, but it's just the beginning. Since the wording does not specify enemy models, you could knock out one of your own champions on low health to deny your opponent the opportunity to score ladder steps by doing so. Since you would be "the player who caused the knockout" as per page 23 of the rulebook, you would also get to reposition your own champion when doing this, setting up a rally/claim plot phase activation. You could also use this end-phase mechanic to remove followers who are in inconvenient positions or to sacrifice the ladder steps of knocking out a low-health enemy champion in order to reposition them before the plot phase.

The geometry of the board is meant to encourage dynamic movement without spreading things out too much. This scenario, thematically, ought to be a bit of a brawl (hance the open battle ladder), but there are plenty of spots for shapers and guardians to set up fortresses.

Try it out if you dare. Let us know what you think! I am definitely open to revisions based on player feedback. Have fun!

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