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Homebrew Scenario: Innocence

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Back in 2021, I wrote a little-observed homebrew article for a scenario which I called "Construction." I'm still waiting on those royalties, SFG. Just kidding, the SFG Construction scenario is much different (and much better) than the one I wrote back then, but I really did call it "Construction."

I think this is a Better Homebrew scenario. Gearbox and I even play tested it!

The Scenario:


Tears of Elayne the Watchful, Goddess of Innocence

The Godtears of Innocence have a calming effect on those who approach them, dimming their avarice and anger. As the godtears are claimed, and innocence is lost, however, the effect unleashes more savage and violent impusles in those affected.

In the end phase of each turn, the player who lost the turn moves their warband token a number of steps further from the middle of the battle ladder equal to the number of victory points their opponent just won.


My more discerning readers will have noticed that this scenario is basically Knowledge in reverse, but with a unique layout for the objectives. We've got back row deployment only, eight total hexes, and a very tight battle ladder to start. There are only four steps available on turn one, but as players lose turns, their ladders open up, allowing them to score more steps before the end phase, which usually amounts to more violence.

In our admittedly limited testing time, we found this to be a pretty versatile scenario which allowed for a wide range of champions to be successful. The end phase mechanic is definitely impactful. As in Knowldege, champions who can manipulate Hexes are very effective, but unlike knowledge, this does not hard-commit players to a singular playstyle.

Try it out if you dare. Let us know what you think!

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