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Objective Hex Open IV

Updated: May 11, 2021

The Fourth Objective Hex Open

The premise of this tournament is to try a simplified draft format. Each player will alternately draft four champions prior to each round with no duplicates. After doing so, each player will simultaneously reveal which three they will activate for the game.

Here is the procedure for setting up a round for this tournament:

Step 1: Both players roll five Godtear dice, re-rolling any ties. The player with the higher result chooses to be PLAYER 1 or PLAYER 2.

Step 2: PLAYER 1 selects a champion and its follower unit. This champion is no longer available for PLAYER 2 to select. Then PLAYER 2 player chooses a champion and its follower unit which then become unavailable for PLAYER 1 to select. Repeat this until both players have four unique champions and their follower units.

Step 3: Both players secretly choose the three champions they will use for this game, leaving one of the four available inactive. Once both players have chosen, both players SIMULTANEOUSLY REVEAL their final warbands of 3 champions and their follower units.

Step 4: PLAYER 1 is the first player on turn 1 and must deploy first as usual. Play the game normally.

Event Details

  • The event will be run on Battle Ladder, as will registration. Here is the link. Registration closes Sunday, 5/30, 2021 at 18:00 EST. Players will register on BattleLadder and fill in this spreadsheet. Please note that BattleLadder is not set up for a draft format, so leave your champion selections blank.

  • The event begins on Monday, May 31 with each round lasting one week.

  • Games must be played via Tabletop Simulator

  • Players must note their picks and report them via this form.

  • If a player drops from the tournament after they have been paired for a round, their current opponent will receive the option of taking either a draw (0-0) or win (6-0). If the opponent makes no choice we will default to a win.

  • If a player is unavailable to play for a single round, their current opponent will receive the option of taking either a draw (0-0) or win (6-0). If the opponent makes no choice we will default to a win.

  • Here is a link to the recommended TTS mod.

  • Communications and announcements will be handled via the 'online godtear league' channel of main Godtear Discord; link to join the Godtear Discord

  • Players are free to communicate via whichever channel they prefer, but all players must be available via Discord at a minimum.

  • If you have registered; please contact the organizer and share your discord identifier so that other players can contact you during the event.

  • You can contact the the organizer, grumpysarn#7235, on Discord

  • Unless otherwise noted we'll follow the relevant parts of the tournament format from SFG.

  • The Player Rerolls section of the tournament rules will not be followed or used for this event.

  • Warband Rosters will be entirely fluid, changing with each pregame draft. No duplicate picks are allowed (e.g. if one player chooses Shayle, Shayle is unavailable to the opposing player for that game).

  • Games will be held without a time limit however players must make every effort to be punctual and play their games in a reasonable amount of time.

  • This event uses the draft rules described above

All champions on the recommended TTS mod are legal for this event.


  • Is this event suitable for beginners? Yes everyone is welcome at the event.

  • Is this event only for Americans? No! Anyone is welcome. US/UK matchups can be cumbersome, but many games have been scheduled before on weekend mornings (US time) or UK Mornings (for some US night owls).

  • I'm having trouble organising my game, what do I do? Please contact the organizer via Discord grumpysarn#7235.

  • Is there a prize? No, this is a casual event.

  • Is the organizer of this event playing in the event? Yes. The organizer will attempt to make any decisions with impartiality. In the even of a dispute, the organizer will ask for a vote from all participants.

  • Where can I find the event page? Here is the link.

  • Where can I find the Godtear Discord? Here is the link.

  • How can I find my opponent? On Discord! The organizer will email pairings along with Discord names.

  • How long will this event last? It depends how many folks enter. 3-4 weeks is my guess.

  • I want to drop, what do I do? Contact organizer and let them know before the next round is posted. If you do not alert for a drop, you may receive a round loss on Battle Ladder.

  • How do I report my draft picks? Using this form.

How do I submit results to the event? - Please do this on Battle Ladder. You will be able to identify a winner, but not active champions. Additionally, please also fill in the appropriate form. This will be used to collect data about draft picks and results and shared with the community.

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