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Objective Hex Open IV Round 2 In the Books

Round 2 was fairly epic and set up a championship round between mbauers and Admiral Cavara. Cavara advances by forfeit since Ellio was unable to schedule a time for ther match. As a resuly, there were only three rounds actually played. The scenario was Change, and here were the draft results:

Again, a wide variety of champions selected. Raith was played in every round while Finvarr, Halftusk, Lorsann, and Peet doubled up. Amazingly, Keera was not played even though this is a strong scenario for her.

I'd like to salute my opponent, mbauers, who took me down in an epic 4 round game. I won the first two rounds, but he came back with a vengeance. I made a few critical mistakes. One was drafting Peet instead of Rangosh to match up against Jeen. My logic was that Jeen would be unable to kill the Sneaky Stabbers, which proved true. What I did not consider was how the timing of Jeen's Martial Discipline trait interacted with Peet's Backstab hit effect. Since Jeen is able to choose a defensive boon immediately after receiving damage, all of Peet's damage rolls were against armor 4.

My other mistake was thinking that the Forglodytes would be safe from Jeen on account of their ability to Feel the Power. Nope. Jeen massacred them at the top of the turn 1 plot phase before they could buff up.

All in all, I don;t feel I played badly, though. My opponent made some mistakes too. I had a pretty good plan for Turn 4 which mostly revolved around KOing Lorsann before she could get in position to be launched into my banner by Jeen. Unfortunately, a full health Halftusk missed his one-punch and... well... so it went. Not blaming the dice, though. The player who collectively makes better decisions throughout the game almost always wins, and I think that was the case here.

In any case, we're headed into the third and final round. I hope folks are enjoying themselves!

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