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Objective Hex VI - Round 1 Draft Results

Round 1 of the OHO VI is in the books! Round 2 is underway. Although I did lose round 1 in an excellent five round match with myklok, I am having loads of fun with the weekly tournament. I hope others are enjoying the format and overall experience. Myklok really impressed me in our game. He played extremely well and has clearly improved tremendously since our previous game. I look forward to a rematch!

As a reminder, the scenario was Death and we played a 5-1-3 draft format. That is, both players drafted five, banned one of the opponent's choices, and then settled on a final three.

Here are the champions that were actually played in Round 1. Note that this is after the opponent has had a chance to ban one of their opponent's choices, so some otherwise dominant champions actually saw the board less than you might expect.

20 champions saw the table! That's a pretty strong diversity. Even Rattlebone and Morrigan, much maligned, saw the table in this round. Lorsann, another champion who takes flack from me and others, saw the table quite often. Rangosh remains, as ever, very popular.

Raith and Kailinn showed up only occasionally. Why? bans.

Here's who got banned in round 1

As you can see, no one wants to play against Kailinn. Rangosh is clearly the most popular champion this round, though. He was both the most played and second most banned.

Play on, friends! Share your thoughts on these results in the Discord.

Oh... I have noticed the new champion spoilers. I'll write on those soon.

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