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The Godtear Rules FAQ

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

This is copied and pasted from the Godtear Discord FAQ, lovingly authored by the excellent @Taylorcowbell.

If you are not on the Godtear Discord, consider joining! Either way, you deserve access to this FAQ. The answers all come from SFG staff in response to questions from players.


Q: What do warband tokens do?

A: The turn token may not move past (or enter the same hex as) the warband tokens

Q: Can you score a banner that is not on an objective hex?

A: No, only banners on objective hexes at the end of the round can score

Q: How do follower activations work?

A: For advance actions all followers may move, one at a time, independently. They can move as a group, split up, regroup as desired. For skills you choose 1 follower in the unit to make the skill. That follower may gain bonuses to the skill depending on the number of other followers in it's hex.

Q: How do maelstroms bonus steps work?

A: Maelstroms get an extra step for each follower they destroy. Retchlings are worth one when destroyed by a maelstrom

Q: Can you use rally if your champion isn't Knocked Out?

A: No, Rally can only be used by a champion who is Knocked Out.

Q: Can you use recruit if followers are at full strength?

A: No, only follower groups missing a follower may recruit.

Q: If I have a skill that has multiple targets, how does a boon work?

A: The boon only effects the first roll of a skill. So Blackjaw using fiery axe with a +Accuracy boon only gets the extra accuracy on the first target in the hex, not all 3 followers.

Q: Can I push an enemy model into their own banner to crush it?

A: No, only models from the opposing warband can enter a hex with a banner and crush them.

Q: If someone has a +speed boon and is adjacent to one of Mourneblade's Knightshades, does the boon let them move 1?

A: No, it is 0 during the advance regardless of boons or blights.

Q: Can I place a second banner with Rhodri's ultimate?

A: You can't have two banners down at once. There is only one banner model and each champion only has one banner.

Q: Can you move Rhodri's Banner with his ultimate? A: Yes.

Q: Do nested actions (Titus' actions inside his ultimate, Mourneblade's claim in Grave Summons) count towards the 1 action per activation rule?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I use tsunami to push my opponents banners off objective hexes?

A: Banners can’t be placed outside of or moved off of objective hexes. (exception being Rhodri planting on cursed ground)

Q: Can Froglodytes crush banners ?

A: No. Their rule only allows them to enter empty objective hexes. It does not say they can crush enemy banners.

Q: How does Maxen's Shrapnel Shot resolve damage, since they are farther away after the push?

A: If you move your target using the Hit Effect the damage is lowered. This is due to Hit Effects being resolved before damage.

Q: Can Raith tsunami in his current hex?

A: Yes models can be placed 0 hexes from their location

Q: Do followers gain the benefits of Class abilities (Maelstrom followers getting extra steps for knocking out followers etc.)

A: No, only champions receive class bonuses

Q: Can a model which does not start adjacent to a Knightshade continue to move through a hex which is adjacent to a Knightshade?

A: Yes, the advance action was made/begun before being adjacent to Knightshades, you have to be adjacent when you begin your advance to be effected.

Q: Does the Retchlings repeating a skill use both of their actions for the activation?

A: Yes, Retchlings repeating a skill allows them to get around the "only use each skill once per activation rule" but each use of the skill still counts as taking an action.

Q: When Rhodri is adjacent to a banner and knocked out, is he pushed the two hexes?

A: Awaiting official response

Q: If Luella has a speed blight, does her trait still let her move 1 hex?

A: Yes. Gaining +1 speed doesn’t have any conditions except Luella making an advance action

Q: If Rhodri is on an objective hex, and next to a banner, if an ability moves an objective hex and models on the objective hex move with it, does Rhodri move?

A: No the objective hex will move without Rhodri(. \

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