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TTS Draft Tournament: The Objective Hex Open

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

The Objective Hex Open

The premise of this tournament is to try a new format for selecting war bands. Instead of choosing four and dropping three, we will draft champions prior to each round.

Here is the procedure for setting up a round for this tournament:

Step 1: Both players roll five Godtear dice, re-rolling any ties. The player with the higher result chooses to be the FIRST or SECOND player.

Step 2: The FIRST player selects a champion and its follower unit to be part of their war band. This champion is no longer available for the SECOND player to select. Then the SECOND player chooses a champion its follower unit to be part of the SECOND player's war band which then becomes unavailable for the FIRST player to select. Repeat this until both players have a warband of three unique champions and their follower units.

Step 3: The FIRST player to select a champion is also the FIRST player on Turn 1, deploying and taking the plot phase first as normal.

Step 4: Play the game normally.

Key details;

  • Registration closes August 14th. Players will register on BattleLadder. Please note that BattleLadder is not set up for a draft format, so leave your champion selections blank.

  • The event begins on August 15th, players having one week to play each round

  • The event will be run on Battle Ladder, as will registration.

  • Games must be played via Tabletop Simulator. This is because TTS is the only venue available in which all champions may be selected.

  • If a player drops from the tournament after they have been paired for a round, their current opponent will receive a bye. Byes will be seeded as 6-0 wins.

  • Communications and announcements will be handled via the 'online godtear league' channel of main Godtear Discord; link to join the Godtear Discord

  • Players are free to communicate via whichever channel they prefer, but by default this will be Discord

  • You can contact the the organizer; grumpysarn#7235 on Discord

  • Unless otherwise noted we'll follow the relevant parts of the tournament format from SFG.

  • Warband Rosters will be entirely fluid, changing with each pregame draft.

  • Games will be held without a time limit however players must make every effort to be punctual and play their games in a reasonable amount of time.


  • Is this event suitable for beginners? - Yes everyone is welcome at the event.

  • I'm having trouble organising my game, what do I do? - Please contact the organizer via Discord grumpysarn#7235.

  • Is there a prize? - Only bragging rights and an article in this blog celebrating their epic win.

  • How do I submit results to the event? - Please do this on Battle Ladder. You will be able to identify a winner, but not active champions. If you wish to ALSO report your game as a casual game in order to supply champion data to BL, that's fine, but please also submit a result for the event. If you are unable to do so please contact the organizer.

If in doubt, please contact the organiser via Discord.

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