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7 MORE Godtear Wombo Combos!

Updated: Jan 13, 2023


Here are the previous 7. SFG also recently made a blog post which aggregated some favorite combos that players shared with them on various social media outlets.

Let me again by say that I think Godtear is not really about wombo combos. Godtear is more about the interactions between your models and the opponent's models than it is about interactions among your own models. In other words, it's about matchups and counters, not list-building and combos.

But the people love combos, and I'm here to give the people what they want.

Let's review my rules for a wombo combo:

  1. If it's for the clash phase, it can be a maximum of two activations to do. Any longer, and the potential for counterplay is too big to make the combo viable.

  2. It has to accomplish something that neither model could do alone.

  3. It has to help you win.

I'll admit that some of these are not combos I would actually play. That's because I made an effort to include a few champions at the lower end of my power rankings. Still, I think these are interesting combinations when your choices are limited, like in a Crow Draft.

Remember, the real Wombo Combo is any champion matched up with someone they are well-suited to counter.

Without Further Ado...

This one is really great. The whole mini game with Skullbreaker is whether or not the Tooth Bearers can Set Up the Boss to be adjacent to an enemy champion when he activates. This usually results in a cagey game of cat and mouse. Lilly blows the whole thing wide open. After the Tooth bearers do their thing, the target will have to activate and run away or be on the receiving end of a boosted Jawblade. After the target does so, Lilly can usually just put them right back where they started. This extra positioning effect means Skullbreaker will get off a lot more boosted attacks, which is delicious. This combo also works with Shayle or anyone else with good pushes, but Lilly's skills are the most accurate and long-range.

2. Jaak and Nia

Jaak gives out some of the best boons (Armor, Speed) and blights (Dodge, Speed). Nia, happily can copy these boons and blights. Nia especially benefits from speed boons. Meanwhile, Nia can hand out the boon that Jaak most craves: accuracy. Nia's most important asset is probably her ability to create new objective hexes, and Jaak can make the most of this by planting banners up to 4 hexes away. Nia can make a hex in a remote place, and Jaak can claim on it while still remaining close enough to the action to whack people with his Spider Staff. This, in turn, applies speed blights (which Nia can copy). This will help to protect the far away banners.

3. Styx and Kailinn

Styx is going to do his thing and Haunt an objective. There's not much anyone can do to stop that. The Abyssal Hounds, however, can very much be stopped in their efforts to destroy banners. Even Styx's biggest fans usually admit that Tear to Shreds is more useful as a threat than a reality. Kailinn and the Virtues, however, make the Hounds more threatening. Usually, the way to deal with the hounds is to separate them and seal off their approaches. This isn't hard because the hounds have to both be adjacent to a banner in order to trash it. However the Virtues can use Compassion to help the Hounds get back together, and Kailinn can use Centaur (and ultraviolence) to clear out hexes for the hounds' approach. Kailinn also really benefits from the Hounds since they have the potential to cover her greatest weakness. Styx allows you to bring Kailinn in a 3 lane scenario without actually conceding a banner in any lane.

4. Blackjaw and Rangosh

This one is subtle, but it makes sense. The way to deal with Rangosh is to put followers in front of him and use those followers to chip away at Rangosh's health pool. Blackjaw can punish your opponent for doing this. In order to have a shot at exploiting Rangosh's glass jaw, enemy followers will usually need to cluster up in squads of three. This is especially true if you put an Unburnt Reaver nearby in order to leverage Fearsome. When the opponent does this, Blackjaw can go on a scoring binge which will not only give you a Battle Ladder boost, but also clear Rangosh's way. On the other side of the coin, there are few enemy champions who can survive for long against the combined might of Rangosh and the Unburnt Reavers.

5. Keera and Jeen

Keera has basically two hurdles to overcome. The first is that she is slow. Jeen's shrikes can hand her speed boons. The second is that Keera needs enemies to be adjacent to the dragons when she activates. The Shrikes can dicelessly reposition enemies twice per turn, so they can fling enemies into the waiting jaws of the Young dragons. Jeen's problem is that her attacks are kind of butt. Keera's attacks are exquisitely good. Jeen's ability to accelerate her teammates and crush banners covers Keera's weakness. Keera's ability to melt face covers Jeen's weakness. These two complement each other nicely.

6. Lilly and Shayle

Landlside's godlike repositioning chops really face only one limitation: accuracy 4. It's surprisingly hard to get Landslide an accuracy boon. There are four ways. The first is the Hexlings. The problem with that is that it takes two actions (yuck) and you have to include Rattlebone in your list (also yuck). The second way is with Nia, which is ok, but also takes two actions and requires Nia to be close to Landslide. The third ay to give Landslide accuracy is with Skullbreaker's Hunting Call. This is fine for the first plot phase, but it requires Landslide to be adjacent to Skullbreaker and for Skullbreaker to use a plot phase action, so it's a bit unwieldy. Lilly is the fourth and best way to go. Lilly can just leave any boon lying around without using any of her actions. On top of this, Lilly can also reposition enemy models effectively. If you field these two, you can potentially move an enemy champion 6 hexes in a single turn if you can hit consistently with accuracy 5 and 6. That's decently reliable against dodge 3. Ouch.

Lorsann's problem is that she relies on her followers, and her followers are very easy to KO. Grimgut helps with this. By placing a wall of Retchlings in front of the Mistwood Rangers, Grimgut can keep them safe. The elves can then shoot over the snot wall while Grimgut and Lorsann go flag-squishing. This pairing also helps you into a mix of targets. The Retchlings can hit pretty hard, but struggle into high dodge, whereas Lorsann can do the opposite. With the benefit of Lorsann's damage boosting boons and blights, the Retchlings can also hit pretty hard.

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